São Paulo – Brazil – 15 to 18/08/19

Living Ethics or Agni Yoga are teachings codified by the Roerich couple at the beginning of the last century offering advice to all areas of life nurtured by Love, Beauty and Action. Their books are translated in several languages with students scattered around the world. While Helena Roerich was writing the books, her husband Nicholas Roerich expressed them through the arts, painting more than 7,000 pictures. In addition they were the protagonists of the First Treaty of Cultural Union – known as the Roerich Pact, signed in the USA on April 15, 1935 by 21 countries of the Americas. This Pact proposes that countries unite through culture and that natural and cultural heritage be protected in times of war and peace using the International Flag of Peace and Culture as the foundations for the International League of Culture.

The international seminar was born in São Paulo, Brazil in 2012, to unite scholars and organizations around the world that promote Living Ethics and strengthen the Roerich International Pact. The editions of the seminars have been hosted by rotation in Brazil, Argentina and Chile. There have also been people from Italy, Russia, United States and Puerto Rico. Between one edition and another of the International Seminar, National Seminars take place.

These International Seminars gave birth to the Pan American Network of the Roerich Pact and the Flag of Peace and Culture.

The 2019 edition was chosen  to take place at the city of São Paulo in Brazil and it will  host the VII International Seminar.

VII International Seminar on Living Ethics –  Agni Yoga

Theme: Culture, path to evolution.

Period: 15-18 August 2019

Location: Sagrada Família Training Center – São Paulo – Brazil



  1. Artistic and cultural presentations.
  2. Round Tables.
  3. Group work.
  4. Lectures.
  • Detailed programming will be announced shortly.


  1. To deepen in the diverse faces of the culture: Education, Community, Science, Religion, Heart, Woman, etc.
  2. Strengthening the practice of Living Ethics and the union of practitioners.
  3. Strengthening of the League of Culture

Information and registration: www.urusvati.org.br

E-mail: [email protected]


  • House Urusvati


  • Roerich Institute of Peace and Culture of Brazil
  • UNIKÓSMICA – Free University of Cosmic Education