Third International Agni Yoga Seminar First Pan-American Meeting of the Roerich Pact and the Banner of Peace. Nov. 27th – 30th, 2014.


We look forward to welcoming you in Salvador. Registration is now open.



Registration without accommodation: R$ 170,00 (Reais) – It includes the attendance at the Seminar, 2 vegetarian coffeebreaks per day from Nov. 28th to Nov. 30th, 2014;

Registration with shared accommodation: R$ 515,00 (Reais) – It includes the attendance at the Seminar, accommodation in rooms with bathrooms and 5 vegetarian meals per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 2 coffee breaks) from Nov. 27th to Nov. 30th, 2014. The hotel rooms will be shared ONLY among the Seminar’s attendees. Check-in and check-out at 3pm.

Registration with individual accommodation: R$ 590,00 (Reais) – It includes the attendance at the Seminar, accommodation in rooms with bathrooms and 5 vegetarian meals per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 2 coffee breaks) from Nov. 27th to Nov. 30th, 2014. Check-in and check-out at 3pm.

Shuttle (taxi) from Airport to the Conference Center (CTL): R$ 35,00 (Reais) – Each taxi vehicle is allowed to carry up 3 passengers + luggages. The payment should be made directly to the driver.


2. Registration process:

Deadline: 11.23.2014

To register for the ‘Third International Agni Yoga Seminar’ online, please:

  • Fill out the registration form, CLICK HERE;
  • Choose the payment option: registration without accommodation (R$ 170,00),  registration w/ shared accommodation (R$ 515,00) or registration w/ ind. accommodation (R$ 590,00);
  • Make your payment online – PayPal system;
  • You will receive the confirmation by email;
  • Any question? Please send us an email: [email protected].



CTL – Centro de Treinamento de Líderes (Leader Training Center).

Address: Rua Alves Ribeiro, s/nº – Itapuã – Salvador – Bahia – Brazil.



The CTL – (Leader Training Center) – is located 30 minutes from the International Airport of Salvador City (the “Luis Eduardo Magalhães Airport” – SSA) by car. If you are taking the shuttle suggested by the Event, the driver will pick you up at your arrival time. He/she will be properly identified with a sign of the ‘Third International Agni Yoga Seminar’ – with your name. It takes a few minutes walking from the CTL to the Itapuã Beach. So, you will getthe opportunity to enjoy the beautiful nature of Salvador.


  • Please, keep your Seminar ID with you to have access to the auditorium and lunch/dining room;
  • Vegetarian meal tickets can be purchased at the reception of the Event by the Seminar attendees without accommodation at the CTL;
  • During the Event, you can experience the Chartres Labyrinth displayed in an exclusive lounge. The schedule will be available at the beginning of  Seminar;
  • After dinner hours, nights are free. So, you can enjoy the relaxing surrounds of the CTL even more, watch the stars, listen the ocean waves or interact with other attendees;
  • Please, bring some coins from your own country and join us to create a Banner of Peace as a art work made by coins from all over the world ;
  • A little bit about the history of the Agni Yoga Seminars: the ‘First International Agni Yoga Seminar’ was held in São Paulo, Brazil, in Nov. 2012. The Second one brought 90 attendees together in Santa Fe, Argentina, in Nov. 2013. Representatives from Brazil, Bolivia, Italy and USA attended the 3-day Agni Yoga Program. We look forward to seeing you in Salvador!

Overview Program


15:00 – 16:30 Workshop: Educating the Heart. (registration needed)

Facilitator: Rosa Koshiba (Sao Paulo, Brazil) –educator with degrees in Physical Education and Energetic Dynamics of the Psyche. She have studied creative and spontaneous rhythmic dance with Rolf Gelewski. Rosa is connected to the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo (India) and leads workshops on corporal therapy in different cities in Brazil.


18:00 Opening Ceremony: hoisting of the Banners of Peace and the Flags of Brazil, Bahia and the City of Salvador. Raimundo Crispim dos Santos (Bahia, Brazil)–President of the Brazilian Roerich Institute of Peace and Culture.


Tribute to Dr. Jaime Treiger–Founder of the Cultural Avatar Foundation (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). He have coordinated  the translation and publication of the Agni Yoga Books and the Letters of Helena Roerich in Portuguese.


19:30 Celebrating the Sacred Feminine–Cultural and Meditative moment: “Dance of the 21 Praise of Tara”. Facilitator: Sandra Maria Bonfim (Bahia, Brazil)–Psychologist and teacher of the Mandala Dance of Tara.


20:30 Opening of the Exhibition: Nicholas Roerich Art as Treasure of Heart

Opening of the Chartres Labyrinth

Cocktail of Friendship.





9.00– Meditation


9:10 History of the International Agni Yoga Seminars(First Seminar was in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2012, and the second in Stella Maris, Argentina, 2013). Speaker: Martha Paillet (Santa Fe, Argentina), Litoral Group, Argentina.


9:45 Heart: Path of Beauty, a Path to Infinity. Speaker: Andrea Ruf (NY, USA)–Psychologist, PhD, researcher on Roerich heritage and International Relationship Advisor of the Brazilian Roerich Institute.


10:45 –Coffee break.


11:10 History of the Agni Yoga in Latvia: connecting the past with the future. Speaker: Alvils Hartmanis, the President of the Roerich Society of Riga.


12:15 –Lunch


14:00 Musical performance


14:05 History of Agni Yoga in New York. Representative of the Nicholas Roerich Museum (NY, USA) (to be confirmed).


15:10 h – Francis Grant and the History of the Roerich Pact in Latin America. Speaker: Nancy Ducuing(Buenos Aires, Argentina)–President of the PEA Foundation (Peace, Ecology and Art).


15:55 h –Coffee break.


16:15 The astrological analyze of the sky at the signature of the Pact Roerich. Speaker: Lucia Helena da Silva Pereira (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)– Science and Spirituality Researcher, Astrologer and Research Coordinator of Unikosmica


17:20 h Cultural Moment: Chorinho (Brazilian musical) with “Mandaia Group”. Capoeira and Maculelé Performances (Brazilian martial arts) with Santa Rosa (Capoeira Master) and Cicero Mayor.


18:30 Dinner.






6:45 – 7:45 Body Awareness and Educating the Heart with Rosa Koshiba (registration needed).


9.00 –Meditation.


9:10 Panel: Science, Art and Spirituality Paths to Culture. Speakers: for Science: Robert Andersen (Bahia, Brazil)–Educator, member of the Academy of Science of New York, Counselor of the Brazilian Roerich Institute; for Religion: Elias de Andrade Pinto (Sao Paulo, Brazil)–member of the Urusvati House, Coordinator of the National House of Religions, working for Inter-religious Dialogues; Chair: Marly Pedra (Sao Paulo, Brazil)–Pediatrician, MD, Head of the Urusvati House and Vice-president of the Brazilian Roerich Institute’s Board.


10:30 – Coffee break.


10:50 h Panel: Living Ethic in education: experiences in formal schools and with young people’s groups.

Speakers: Estela Tustanovsky (Santa Fe, Argentina)–educator and head of the Pax Culture House (Argentina); Denise Noronha (Bahia, Brazil)– Artist, Art Director of the Brazilian Roerich Institute; Mariagrazia Sass (Italy), Representative of the Italian Living Ethics Community. Chair: Ana Santos (Bahia, Brazil)–Educator, Vice-President of the Brazilian Roerich Institute of Peace and Culture and Head of the Unikosmic – Free University of Cosmic Education.


12:15 – Lunch





14:00 Dances of Peace (performance) Salta Group, Argentina.


14:40 – Panel: Dissemination of Agni Yoga in Latin America.

Speakers: Elisa Treiger (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)–President of the Cultural Avatar Foundation (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil); Paulo Santos (Sao Paulo, Brazil)–Representative of the Urusvati House and the Brazilian Roerich Institute; Rodolfo Agüero Ferro (Buenos Aires, Argentina)–Head of Group Signs of Agni Yoga (Buenos Aires). Mediator: Marta Paillet (Santa Fe, Argentina)–Head of the Litoral Group (Santa Fe, Argentina).


16:00 –Coffee break.


16:20 Open Space: The Living Ethics in the daily lives of people, groups and organizations. (Dynamic exchanges of different groups on Agni Yoga activities).

Coordination: Denise Noronha (Bahia, Brazil)–Director of Art department of the Brazilian Roerich Institute and Paulo Santos (Sao Paulo, Brazil).


17:50 – Cultural Moment: Sitar Concert and Indian Dance performance.


18:30 Dinner.







 9:00 – Meditation.

9:10 Building the Agni Yoga Network in Latin America.

Network for Cooperation: to promote the exchanges among AY students and groups; to disseminate the Teaching in Latin America; to encourage national and international seminars.

12:00 – Lunch



14:00 17:00: Building the Pan-American Network of the Roerich Pact and Banner of Peace.

Network for Cooperation: to revive the Roerich Pact in the signatory countries; to divulge the Banner of Peace and its meaning; to promote exchange between peace-makers; to strengthen Latin American culture through art exhibitions, music, dance and other local cultural expressions; to promote an integration of the cultures of the American countries.


17:00Final ceremony: Weaving the Banner of Peace with coins from different countries. Denise Noronha,  Artist and Director of Art Department of the Brazilian Roerich Institute (Bahia).